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New to the Golf Course? Begin with the Finish for Every Shot for Improvement

May 31, 2023 Greta Anderson Episode 16
The Smart Golfer Podcast
New to the Golf Course? Begin with the Finish for Every Shot for Improvement
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Golf is not always one of the easiest games to learn - there's the swing, but also so much more in terms of successfully navigating the golf course.

There can be SO many thoughts going through your head.

It's no wonder that it can even feel a bit stressful when it's your time to make a swing!

Attempting to think about every component of your swing while you're over the ball won't help. In fact, doing so can often lead to overload.

If you're ready for a simple yet effective alternative strategy to combat that mental overload that most every golfer experiences from time to time, check out this episode!

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Dr. Greta:

Welcome to the Smart Golfer podcast, where we help aspiring golfers improve their skills, strategy, and knowhow for better performance, fun, and play. I'm your host, Dr. Greta Anderson, and I am beyond excited to help you move from just hitting balls to playing your best golf. So let's get to it. Hello and thank you so much for. Tuning in to Day. I am your host, Dr. Greta so we are in the middle of the golf season. Well, it's always golf season, if you know me, but I've been spending a lot of time, of course, working with an array of students. And in particular, I've been taking a lot of time to really kind of talk and listen and probe and ask a lot of questions, which, if you know me at all, my background as a researcher, that's kind of my nature anyway. But I've really been digging in because we've been doing a lot of work with reopening and opening up our membership that serves earlier stage golfers, which is called the goal Getter membership lab. But in doing so, I've been probing because we want to make things just right. And so I've been asking tons and tons of questions. So one of the things that I've known for quite some time as a teaching professional and because I work with a lot of golfers, I work with a lot of golfers of all levels, but particularly beginning golfers. When I probe and then ask and watch and observe, I find this one thing that I think is important for everyone to know. And it may even make you feel better. We know that when you're coming into the game of golf, there's just so much information, right, to learn, even to go through the process of striking the ball, there's a lot of information. And so it's not just that, it's their information and it's a lot of it because generally speaking, the people that find themselves attracted to golf are typically quite articulate, quite analytical, thoughtful people, just kind of golf lends itself to that type of personality. In many ways, though, there's a diversity of personalities, of course, but it's not the information. It's the information overload that gets so many people in trouble, so to speak, right? I mean, there are a million things, probably a million and one things and a million and one thoughts that are running through your head. Even like I said, when we're just talking about striking the ball, from the insights that your spouse or partner suggested, from the information that you 30 odd YouTube videos that you watched about one specific component or topic that gave you 29 different suggestions, right? All the way down to the unsolicited advice that you received when you were on the driving range warming up before your round or perhaps the other day practicing. It's just a lot of information, a ton of it. And this is all in addition to getting used to adhering to the rules of golf to understanding etiquette and all of these other things, right? It is a lot, for sure. And so that can be paralyzing for many golfers. And even if it's not paralyzing, it can be debilitating and discouraging because it's just like this waterfall of stuff that you have to remember. And it can sometimes almost kind of take the fun or the joy out of it. And that's defeating the purpose. Because golf is all about us having fun, learning a new skill, but definitely fun. So with all of that said, just this simple tip, I want you to understand this. It's simple, but so important. With each shot, this is what I want you to do. With each shot, I want you to make every effort, every bit of effort that you can to hold your finish. We want to go all the way through, hold your finish in balance. And as many of my students will tell you that I invite them to do, this time after time, hold your finish until you see your ball stop. Even you can hold it and see it, watch it fly, watch it roll, and watch it stop. When you can do that, it's going to let us know that generally speaking, those fundamentals are starting to come together. And so, again, let me say that we want to go all the way through and hold your finish. And so for right handed golfer, that means that all that weight is going to be on that lead or left side. And if you're a left handed golfer like me, it means that you're going to be finishing with all that weight forward on that right side or the lead side. Okay? Holding that finish, as I often say, you want to think about being kind of in the same pose as the person on the top of that golf trophy that you may have seen in your clubhouse, or maybe you've won. Who knows? But that's what we want to do. And if we focus on getting to this finishing position and it becomes more routine for you, you can begin to really expand upon the building of your swing and your golf motion in more ways. But that will be kind of that quick win for you, where you'll begin to see the ball moving forward more consistently and higher and a little faster and a little bit farther, which is what all of us as golfers want. So if you are an earlier stage golfer and you are ready to go from kind of unclear and overwhelmed about being on the course, you're kind of stuck in a practice rut. You're just unclear and you're ready to move from to practicing purposefully, being excited and confident. When you get on the course, I'm going to invite you to hop on the waiting list for the goal getter golf membership lab. As I said, doors open on June 11, but we're only going to have limited spaces, because this is a hands on membership that we am inviting you to. So make sure that you get on the waiting list so that you will be the first to know, because we want you to come on in, because our golf experience is a journey, and this is a community built for you to serve you, to help you grow, to learn the game. Have fun in a like minded community of fun, thoughtful, encouraged golfers like you. So grab the waitlist, but remember, most importantly, hold that finish. That's the one thought we want. A finishing thought for every shot. See you in the next episode. Bye for now. Thanks so much for joining us this week on the Smart Golfer podcast. Make sure you visit our, where you can subscribe to the show using your preferred podcast platform so you'll never miss a show. And while you're at it, if you found value in the show, we'd appreciate a rating on that platform. Or if you'd simply like to tell a friend about the show, that could help us out, too. And if you like this show, you might want to check out more of our learning programs at Academy